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A father-daughter story - November 11th

You may want to forward it to some of your friends. Here's the story:


The husband asked his wife what the family plans were for the day. "Well, we have a birthday party in the afternoon and some of the moms want to get together for lunch, and I promised to pick up Mary's son to take him to his game." The husband responded, "Well, I want to take our daughter to a ceremony downtown at 11." The wife, naturally, was annoyed as that would mess up all the plans for the day. But, the husband remained firm in his commitment. "It is important. Our daughter is now old enough, the weather is just right for this, and this time will pass -- I may not have another opportunity." With much angst and turmoil, the husband got his request.

At the ceremony, his wife very annoyed, the little girl asked -- "why are we here?" Her father explained. "Did you see the big highway that brought us into the city? Did you see all the big buildings and businesses? All the trees and parks? Do you see all these skyscrapers, all these cars? Now think about all your toys, your pet, and your house, your bedroom. You know the big church we go to?"

"You see, many years ago, people from other countries tried to take all of these things away from us. They almost were able to. If they did, all these buildings, all these cars, our church -- it would all be their's. They also tried to take everything away from people living in other countries -- our friends. But, some men from our country fought them and stopped them from taking everything away from us. Many of our men died so you and I can be safe today."

"At this moment on this very day, it is our chance to give them a little bit of our time to say thanks and to remember what they did for us. I bring you here so that someday you will remember them, too -- just like I remember them today."


It is a small favor to ask, but every father should make it a point to at least once take their daughter to Veteran's Day.

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