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"Whether you are an individual, a small business, or a large corporation, we provide a personal commitment to turning your innovations into transformations." -- Charles Knobloch, J.D., P.G.

On the above menu bar you will find a selection of topics and services designed to match your business or personal needs. One goal of our firm is to distinguish between services that are educational, strategic, and delivery-execution focussed. Your current need may be for you or your staff to learn more about intellectual property --- we provide education. Or, you or your business may want to evaluate various strategies for better position and future opportunity --- we provide a wide variety of strategy generating services, including policy and standardization. Right now, you may need to accomplish specific tasks --- we provide execution and delivery of fundamental intellectual property services, such as patent & trademark & copyright work, contracts, various aspects of litigation and negotiation, innovation execution, or deployment of your strategic objects. Our approach is to match our capabilities to your educational, strategic, or delivery needs.

  • Individual - you will find a variety of topics, many related to protecting your ideas, handling employee invention agreements and policies, contract disputes and problems collecting sales commissions, professional continuing education for geoscientists, and a host of frequently asked questions and interesting topics.
  • Small Business - a variety of topics are important to a small business, with the age of the internet there is a growing number of issues for business websites and software, trademarking your products and services, agreements & polices for contractors and employees, threat of infringement or acusation of infringement, inventions and designs to protect your innovations, and many more frequently asked questions and useful topics.
  • Large Corporations - intellectual property and innovation present many special issues at levels far removed from patent and trademark applications. A sample of issues include internationally or global matters, expansion of innovations and intellectual property, creating new innovations and disruptive technologies, asserting rights and producing freedom to commercialize. executing commercial paths for your technology estate, setting and deploying policy and standards, creating join industry relationships, handling litigation and negotiation, as well as serving the educational and strategic needs of corporate departments.

Whether you are an individual with an idea, a small business maturing in the marketplace, or a corporation embarking on tomorrow's revenue space, we want to provide you with our personal commitment to address your needs with our resources.