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Charles Knobloch, J.D., P.G.

Mr. Knobloch has over 22 years of Fortune 50 corporate and technical experience. His work in the oil industry spans twenty-seven years, including a total of six years in South East Asia. He holds the DuPont Award for Engineering Excellence related to his work in imaging technology. Mr. Knobloch is also a Texas Professional Geoscientist (Geophysics). Clients use these skills to handle intellectual property matters, such as infringement defense, intellectual property planning for their business, seeking trademark and patent protection, design protection, outsourcing and service agreements, confidentiality agreements, technology and software licensing, business formation, internet & website protection, privacy and terms of use agreements, and other business-related matters.

Technical areas include: software, complex adaptive systems, internet businesses, cryptography, mechanical, business processes, magnetostrictives, oil field drilling and production, geophysics, electronics, radio, defense.

Charles Knobloch maintains a private intellectual property law practice, assisting corporations in development of intellectual property positions and commercialization strategy, as well as Of Counsel assistance and technology consulting to lawyers and firms.

Mr. Knobloch also hires out to institutional investors, corporations, and joint ventures to serve in executive capacity for technology commercialization projects. Mr. Knobloch served as CEO for a technology subsidiary of an institutionally held corporation. Mr. Knobloch also trains managers in technology commercialization through his "Lost Secrets of Edison" program.

Mr. Knobloch worked on several technology, licensing and commercial projects. Of note is the Joint Industry Project for Riserless Drilling (renamed Subsea Mudlift): a three-phase consortium of oil industry companies to develop technology to drill with mud starting at the sea floor rather than at sea level. Mr. Knobloch was Program Manager for the DeepLook Joint Industry Project whose purpose was to screen and evaluate reservoir technologies under development at National Labs, integrating these with the commercial interests of Conoco, BP, Shell, ChevronTexaco, Halliburton, Schlumberger, Baker, et al.

He is a law graduate of the University of Houston (Simon Frank Scholar), holds a diploma in International Law (Russia) from the University of San Diego, and studied European law in Spain through the College of William and Mary. He has a geophysics degree (with honor) from Michigan Technological University and is currently a member of the Industrial Advisory Board for their College of Engineering. Mr. Knobloch is also serving on a sustainability subcommittee. He is also a member of their Academy of Distinguished Alumni and founding recipient of their Faculty Citation (for advancements in computing technologies in geophysics).

Mr. Knobloch is a past finalist for the Jacyees "Five Outstanding Young Texans" and twice finalist for the "Five Outstanding Young Houstonians" award. Member, Who's Who is the World, America, and American Law. Nominated Attendee, Jon Ben Sheppard Public Leadership Forum.

Mr. Knobloch previously held commercial and amateur radio licenses. He is currently licensed as KK5MS in the United States and previously licensed as YB0ANA in Indonesia. He speaks Indonesian and has some familarity with German. Mr. Knobloch is also on the Board of the Houston Vintage Radio Association.


  • College of the State Bar of Texas, 1995 - 1997 Member
  • Houston Intellectual Property Law Association Member
  • American Bar Association Member


  • Attorney & Counselor at Law: Texas, 1992
  • Patent Attorney: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, 1994