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About the Firm

Charles Knobloch maintains a private intellectual property law practice, assisting corporations in development of intellectual property positions and commercialization strategy, as well as Of Counsel assistance and technology consulting to lawyers and firms.

The principal office of the firm is in Katy, Texas. The principal office is used as the correspondence address for dealings with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. All meetings by appointment only. Appointments may be made in the I-10 / Katy, Texas area. Most other appointments are taken in Houston, Texas at one of three locations -- in the Galleria, at 2401 Fountainview; in the US59 / Greenway Plaza area, at One Greenway Plaza; and in the US-290 / Northwest area, at 2950 North Loop West.

Intellectual Property matters can take on a range of complexity. For example, an infringement matter may require external counsel for non-infringement analysis and opinion. Another example, litigation may require additional counsel or law firms or specialized expertise. Other matters may be better suited for handling by another firm. For this reason, some matters may be referred to other counsel under the client's full knowledge and express approval. Our guiding principle in this regard is to provide the client with the counsel options that we feel are best for the client's situation.

On the issue of using external counsel. This firm is happy to assist in-house counsel in intellectual property and business matters, and/or provide litigation or settlement support to retained outside counsel. In this way, the client may gain access to this firm's insights and expertise, while maintaining full control with their already-established counsel. This is particularly useful in securing expertise for high technology, oil- and computing-industry matters.

For Texas Lawyers and Firms who do business law or have a number of commercial clients, this firm is happy to provide intellectual property support on an of-counsel or associated counsel basis. At all times you or your firm retains supervision of all legal matters for your client and your client remains with you or your firm. In this way, you can provide a broader spectrum of service to your commercial clients while at the same time assuring them a greater level of integrated approach. Typical client situations include: obtaining trademarks, dealing with initial accusations of infringement, evaluation of website and development of website compliance.