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Joint Industry Relationships

"Joint Industry relationships exist to technologically advance an industry for increased profitability." -- Charles Knobloch

Our service focus is to provide you Joint Industry relationship assistance in either the formation or the management of these relationships.

  • assistance in forming the legal structure of a joint industry partnership
  • representing you to negotiate "JIP" terms, negotiating those terms
  • review of JIP terms against your current intellectual property position -- whether to join
  • use of intellectual property from a JIP
  • service contracts between you and a JIP
  • CRADAS, SBIRS, foreign programs

JIP Service Options

  • Strategic Structuring of JIP model, including pro forma terms
  • Solicitation of Potential JIP partners, managing JIP signups
  • Negotiation and Harmonization of JIP terms between partners
  • Ongoing management of JIP contracts and relationships, including new signups
  • post-JIP intellectual property management
  • JIP wrap-ups, termination
  • JIP patent prosecution
  • A "neutral" for JIP disputes, interparty relationships
  • DOJ/Anti-trust consulation, clearance issues
  • Foreign participant issues, multinational JIP's
  • CRADAS, Funding Proposals, Joint Applications
  • Intellectual Property Material Balance Assessment
  • Representation of Individual Members or joint members
  • Texas State issues

Contact us today for more information on any of these joint industry relationship issues.