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Innovation Engagement

Getting a patent for an invention does not necessarily create commercial success or revenues. Just as a puzzle is made up of many pieces, many other factors must be present and many processes and steps must be taken. Additionally, a "moat" of protection and the ability to assert rights may be needed to preserve hard-won market postion.

The innovation factory concept is used to generally describe various aspects of this total picture. Three services of particular interest include:

Invention Factory

A big part of invention is developing ways to bring ideas to actual saleable products. As a company, you may have some facilities at your disposal to experiment and tinker with your current products. Your facilities may or may not have all the resources you need -- either in terms of tools, skills, or low cost.

The invention factory approach is a service to develop an organized project to advance your invention interests by resourcing tools, skills, and lower cost sources.

The invention factory service includes:

  • Costing
  • A Focus Plan to optimize focus & experimentation
  • A Project Plan
  • Alignment Plan to bring the innovation in tune with the desired market: harmonization of commercial product features and specifications

Innovation Uptake

Several services are provided to increase utilization of ideas, whether generated within the company or as candidates for licensing or acquisition.

Contact us for more explanation and information on any of these services:

  • Employee training
  • Policy & Processes for Recording Innovations
  • Invention Review Boards
  • Invention Cohesion Sessions
  • Directed Research Programs
  • Periodic Reviews: monthly, quarterly, special project
  • Annual audit
  • Process audit

Innovation Engine

Imagine bringing Edison in to create improvements to your products? Not such a far-fetched idea.

The Innovation Engine process assists you or your team in creating new inventions or variations to your technology. The process is preformed in five phases.

  • Review & Presentation of your current technology and innovations.
  • Facilitated Review of your alternatives
  • Assessment and offering of new inventions and variations for you or your group's consideration
  • Follow up bullet-point report documenting new inventions, variations, uses, etc.
  • Future Analysis.

A flat fee plus travel is provided for this service.

Since providing this service may result in producing new inventions with the team, no legal service will be provided for protecting the intellectual property involved. However, we remain available to advise your patent attorney or agent in securing such protections.