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FAQ & Favorite Topics

What is The Company Kit?
The "company kit" is a collection of several intellectual property issues of concern to small businesses and large corporations. More discussion on this can be found at Company Kit
I have an invention, what do I do next?
The order of what to do next sometimes depends on the particular circumstances. Sometimes doing one step first is more advantageous than doing another step first, and vice versa. There is an element of strategy and tactics (and budget) that may dictate what the next steps should be. More discussion on this can be found at What do I do next?
What is a design patent?
A design patent protects the design of a useful article, rather than the invention or concept. More discussion on design patents can be found at What is a Design Patent?
Has somebody told your company that you are infringing?
Quick action may be needed if you have been accused of infringement, whether by a phone call, fax, or letter. Go to Infringement? for more information.
What about Jewelry?
Jewelry and other works of art may be appropriate for seeking copyright registration. Go to Jewelry for more information.
I have a rejected patent application. Is there anything I can do?
If you have a rejected patent application, there is a limited time in which to respond to the rejection. It is possible to evaluate the rejection to determine what options may be available. We are especially interested in looking for arguments or new claims in favor of overcoming rejected patent applications. More discussion on this can be found at Rejected Patent Applications?
How should I license my invention or software?
There are many approaches to licensing an invention or software. Each approach comes with advantages and disadvantages. Each approach also has its own level of realistic chances, depending on the industry and circumstances. More information can be found at Invention and Software Licensing Options
Protecting Your Interests Overseas
More discussion on this can be found at Protecting Your Interests Overseas