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About IP in Small Business

Small businesses have particular needs with regard to protecting intellectual property, needs that are different from a large corporation or an individual. In particular, the intellectual property held by a small business may represent a more significant portion of the business than a similar portion of intellectual property held in a large corporation. This firm recognizes these particular needs and is here to help customize an intellectual property protection approach to address both these needs and small business budget.

Several other pages provide information on more specific topics. Also, you may find of interest some of the pages under the "Individual" or "Large Corporation" categories.

  • The Company Kit: An overview of several intellectual property issues of concern to small businesses.
  • Trademarks
  • Infringement
  • Inventions & Designs
  • Company Websites and Software
  • company Policies

Please see also the FAQ section for a sample of other small-business specific issues.