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FAQ & Favorite Topics - Individuals

What kind of fees are typical?
Fees for services typically used by individual inventors or small businesses can be found at: Typical Fees
I have an invention, what do I do next?
The order of what to do next sometimes depends on the particular circumstances. Sometimes doing one step first is more advantageous than doing another step first, and vice versa. There is an element of strategy and tactics (and budget) that may dictate what the next steps should be. More discussion on this can be found at What do I do next?
What is a design patent?
A design patent protects the design of a useful article, rather than the invention or concept. More discussion on design patents can be found at What is a Design Patent?
I have a rejected patent application. Is there anything I can do?
If you have a rejected patent application, there is a limited time in which to respond to the rejection. It is possible to evaluate the rejection to determine what options may be available. We are especially interested in looking for arguments or new claims in favor of overcoming rejected patent applications. More discussion on this can be found at Rejected Patent Applications?
I'm lost -- what's the path from invention to patent?
A simplified invention-to-patent flowchart shows some of the basic steps. The actual process can be much more complex, especially in terms of international patenting and multiple inventions. More discussion on this can be found at Simple Invention-Patent Flowchart
I helped a company find a new client and sell some software but got no commission.
We can evaluate your position, depending on evidence and circumstances, if you feel you have been used and have a right to compensation. More discussion on this can be found at Technology - Sales Contract Disputes
Can I get a copyright? What are the fees?
Copyright fees can be found at Typical Fees
I'm interested in the government's Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program (SATOP). Is my idea protected? Can you help?
The government's Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program (SATOP) provides up to forty (40) hours of engineering assistance to help further development of your technology. There are, however, some intellectual property issues for which you should be prepared or willing to accept. More information and help with using SATOP can be found at SATOP
I've got an invention and want to prepare a presentation to industry.
Appropriate corporate presentations can greatly influence interest in an innovation. Assistance with design and content is available. More information and help can be found at Packaging Innovation for Presentation to Industry
I'm a Texas Professional Geoscientist interested in oil patch intellectual property. Do you provide any Continuing Professional Education (CPE)?
We have a variety of Continuing Professional Education intellectual property topics for either private or public course instruction or inhouse "lunch" CPE. Contact for current schedule or to inquire about an in-house course or luncheon. More information on various courses can be found at Education
We're developing a website for our business. Are we covered?
Generally, there are two types of websites: one is a website promoting your business and may incidently sell some products, the other is where the website is the business, such as online gaming, chatting, or selling. Each of these two types have somewhat different legal requirements. In either situation, we offer a website evaluation package covering a selected set of evaluations and reporting regarding your website. More information can be found at Web Site Evaluation Package
I need to set up a corporation or LLC to handle my business. Is my business set up right?
Running a business or website may expose a sole owner to personal liability. More information can be found at Personal Liability & Intellectual Property
My invention seems too simple & I'm afraid others can make simple changes.
Patent claims directed to the exact structure of your invention increase the likelihood of allowance. One approach is to use techniques to suupplement narrow claims with a broader view of the overall invention. More information can be found at Expanding a Mechanical or Electrical Patent Application
How should I license my invention or software?
There are many approaches to licensing an invention or software. Each approach comes with advantages and disadvantages. Each approach also has its own level of realistic chances, depending on the industry and circumstances. More information can be found at Invention and Software Licensing Options
What about Jewelry?
Jewelry and other works of art may be appropriate for seeking copyright registration. Go to Jewelry for more information.