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Continuing Professional Education - Geosciences

Intellectual Property is an integral part of modern geoscience. While most geoscientists can imagine a patent or copyright on geoscience software, professionals and companies need to understand the intellectual property potential of new exploratory techniques. We provide public and private continuing professional education in the application of intellectual property law to the Geosciences. Email us for more information, or to be placed on the upcoming event reminder list. Also, see our general Business Education Program for broader application of intellectual property to you business.

Patenting in the Geosciences
This is a basic presentation that gives you the nuts and bolts of the patent process, with emphasis on patenting in the geosciences. You will gain a basic understanding of provisional, non-provisional, and PCT applications and filing. You will also receive an introduction to the situations where one may be preferred over the other. Some complications with applications and some prevention techniques will also be presented.
Intellectual Property Strategy in the Geosciences
This module covers various options and tactics that may be combined to form an overall strategy for developing and protecting intellectual property, including techniques for incorporating directly into a basin or play strategy.