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Contract Disputes

  • Did you help a company land a sale of a technology product, software or service?
  • Did you have an understanding by email or contract?
  • Have they stopped paying you commissions or refuse to pay you a commission?
  • Did you provide consulting or computer software or service and not get paid?
  • Did you write software for someone?
  • Is you work getting redistributed or modified without your permission?
  • Are your pictures or graphics being misused?
  • Have your customer lists been taken?
  • Does your service involve the internet?

Your contract or relationship may include intellectual property as well as traditional contract issues.

We offer a flat fee initial consultation, giving you peace of mind and path forward without undue or uncertain costs. Certain cases may be suitable to take on contingency after initial consultation. We are also able to provide referrals to other firms as part of our consultation service.