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Intellectual Property for Individuals

Individuals have particular needs with regard to protecting intellectual property, needs different from a large corporation or a well-established business. This firm recognizes these particular needs and is here to help customize an intellectual property protection approach to address both these needs and limited budget.

Several other pages provide information on more specific topics. Also, if you are starting or have a business around your idea or work, then you may find of interest some of the pages under the "Small Business" category.

Protection. Budget.

Individual inventors usually have needs that are different from large corporations and well-established small businesses. An individual's ideas stand alone, without investment, development or marketing infrastructure. Still, intellectual property protection needs may be nearly the same, or even greater. The challenge is to learn what protections may be available, what protections are needed, and then determine how to optimize protections for a given budget. Another challenge is to use the leverage intellectual property protection to increase chances of commercialization.

Pride. Self-worth.

Others may have a very different approach to their creative work. For instance, the goal may not be to create a business or sell the idea. Rather, the personal satisfaction of having a patent or copyrighted work may be the reward in itself. For those, we do not have the complexities of positioning the creative work for commercialization.

Employers. Contractors. Friends.

Any individual inventor or creator who works for someone else poses another question, whether their employer has a claim to their work. Other questions arise for individuals who disclose to others or have others assist in the invention or creation. Other factors, such as these examples, are issues specific to individual inventors.